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Advertise where your target group clicks? Here with us. Bei uns. In 2001 the idea arose that dedicated amateur photographers should be put under one uniform surface and build one network. The photo community was born. Today the photo community has the largest online membership of 1,500,000 hobby photographers in Europe. It is the first point of contact for companies who want to achieve online advertising, with highly skilled, well-funded and highly innovative, target groups.

The photo community offers 65 million page views and 2.1 million unique user per month. For our advertisers, the photo community-users are an attractive target group: photo community members are above average earners – nearly 60 percent of the users belong to the selling age group between 30 – and 59 years. Of particular interest: Almost 50 percent of the users are planning to buy a new camera in the next twelve months and indicate that the photo community helps them with the decision which photo equipment to select.

The result of the internal studies show that 60 percent of the members spend between 250 € or 1,000 € a year for photography. Although the proportion of men (68.8%) compared to that of women (31.2%) in the photo community is more than twice as high, women are catching up.

Meet a successful well-funded and highly innovative, ambitious group. Conquer our members today – with our photographic services and products. We create individual and exclusive offers for you anytime! Talk to us – we look forward to working with you!

Source: IVW http://ausweisung.ivw-online.de/
Source: Survey February, 2010 / 3,281 Participants

 Page ImpressionsUnique Visitors
fotocommunity.de130 m/month3.6 m/month
fotocommunity.com5.4 m/month254,000 /month
fotocommunity.fr4.7 m/month122,000 /month
fotocommunity.es3.1 m/month130,000 /month
fotocommunity.it7.3 m/month121,000 /month

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