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In the beginning, there was picture

Food PhotographyThose who take photos want to display them. But where?
Amateur photographers desire commentary, tips and a place where they can exchange ideas with other enthusiasts. A private homepage requires a great deal of time but generates little feedback.

In 2001, we had the idea of networking many individual projects under one interface. From this idea, fotocommunity was born. Amateurs, professionals and artists come together at

65 Million hits a month speak for themselves: fotocommunity, a community of 1,500,000 enthusiasts, is the biggest internet portal for amateur photographers in Europe.

fotocommunity is on the path to worldwide success. The international in English has been online since the end of 2004. It has enjoyed ever-increasing popularity much as its Italian counterpart,, which has been online since the beginning of 2006. The most recent websites – in French and Spanish, were both launched at photokina 2006.

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